NSW Centre for Effective Reading

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Service model

The NSW Centre for Effective Reading provides a model in which students who demonstrate low progress following evidence-based classroom teaching will receive additional support.

Assessment information is used to determine the level of support a student requires. A three tiered system of support is available for students and teachers:

Universal indirect service

All NSW primary schools can access information and resources through this website. This includes definitions and descriptions of the research into teaching students with complex reading difficulties and provides information on how to assess and teach the critical skills of reading in your classroom.

Targeted direct service

Targeted assessment and intervention services are available to students attending schools outside the metropolitan zones of Newcastle, Sydney, Wollongong and Tweed Heads.

Intensive direct service

A tertiary level assessment at the Child Development Unit at Westmead and education clinic at the Royal Far West School, Manly is available for students attending schools described above, who have the most complex reading difficulties.

Partnerships with NSW Health, research and tertiary educational facilities mean that all schools have online access to current evidence-based practices with which to support their students with complex reading difficulties.

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